Saturday, December 17, 2016

I created a brand in 2001, with a friend, sadly with no much budget, support and contact, we had to give up after a little time.

After spending almost 7 years in the street for 'Chic is The New Punk', taking pictures, travelling, working and sweating, sometimes with a side job in order to pay the bills, meeting amazing people with differents stories in the world, had exhibitions in Tokyo and Paris, been published in Nylon Indonesia, Vogue Japan, GQ Japan, Elle China and several more, also been Fashion Police for Grazia France ...


After a long journey and lot of work, but finally the dream to have my own fashion brand became true.
I'm so happy to announce that 'CITNP Paris' e-shop is now open :

Thanks everyone, friends, family who had support my project. Follow your dreams, Love is Love.

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